Sunday, February 26, 2012

Book 8-Dead City by Joe A McKinney

Wow...the crypt is white today. After an easy winter here in Canada it looks like Mother Nature has put the joke on us. Snow fell yesterday, not a little bit of snow, but something around the amount of a foot. It's white and fluffy and painful to the eyes when you go outside.

But anyway onto my reason for this blog post, book #8 of the 100 book challenge Dead City by Joe A. McKinney! After wandering though the crypt library for a while, I was stumped on what to read..I have lots of horror novels, but nothing was really peaking my I went to find my iPad, where I have lots of novels (mainly those from my fav authors J.A Konrath, Jack Kilborn and Blake Crouch). I was scrolling aimlessly when I stumbled upon Dead City and realized I needed a whole heck of a lot of blood, innards and gore to settle my book needs (c'mon with a cover like that, who couldn't resist!)

Ok now let me say if your looking for a book with in depth characters, feeling or some sort of impact you will not find it in this book. This book is perfect for those of us who love to "roll" with the blood, brain eating, and all out carnage that zombies cause. It was an easy read with lots of rotting flesh, black vomit, and empty body cavities. Amazing!

Although I loved the gore factor in the book, I found myself not believing in the characters plights. They are almost hollow in a way...but the gore made up for it and kept me reading.

So now my appetite for gore is somewhat satiated..yeah right! I am able to move onto book #9. Hopefully it will have a bit more feeling, but the same amount of gore. I know...keep dreaming.

Til next time my little minions!

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