Monday, March 5, 2012

Book 9-Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay

How many of you out there love Shakespeare?? How many hate his work?? I myself love Macbeth and Hamlet (anything with a murder and or ghosts and such) but hated Romeo and Juliet...I couldn't bring myself to read the whole play...even though it ends in death and suicide...I couldn't get past the poopy "Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?"  Excuse me...the brains I ate last night are coming up.... *gag*

So when my BFF the Banshee of Busby, Dawn called me over to meet the amazing author Jessica Bell (in from Greece I might add) You can check her books here: and have dinner, I knew she had something to give me!

After dinner the Banshee handed me a book, Juliet Immortal, I was interested right from the start (after all the Banshee is a writer herself and has a knack for picking out good reads). Then I read the synopsis and was kinda iffy about continuing the book...but I pushed through and was pleasantly surprised :)

Juliet Immortal is a story about Romeo and Juliet, but much, much different. This story takes place in present time and now, the two work against each other. Juliet's soul works for the Amabasadors, those who work to make sure true "soul mates" are together for eternity. Juliets "job" is to inhabit a living individual and ensure the two people end up together. Romeo's soul works for the Mercenaries who strive to make sure the soul mates are never together. Romeo inhabits only the dead, and works against Juliet.

For 700 years the two have worked against each other, until Juliet in her new body, has found someone she is forbidden to love, and Romeo uses everything in his power to destroy that love..he wants Juliet to love him..only him.

Honestly this book was great...I found myself intrigued by the concept of the story, and the fact that it wasn't all smoochy and love. These two characters from the greatest love story of all time (to some...not me), were against each was purely poetic!

I loved the characters, the setting, and the conflict in the book.  If you looking for a different spin on Shakespeare pick up this book.  But I must warn you, this is a young adult novel, so there is no gratuitous gore, sex, or language...Bummer :(

Look past those little negatives for a great read!  I promise you!

I am actually almost done my 10th book on the challenge.  I am going to curl up in my coffin and finish it.  Type at you all soon!!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed this. I'm waiting patiently (kind of) for the sequel :-)