Monday, May 14, 2012

Book 17, 18, and 19 Trying to catch up!

I've done it again to myself.  Read a bunch of books and forgot to blog them right after I now it's going to be three books to blog about :( I'm obviously a glutton for punishment...

Book 17 was Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James.  Yes..I know...I've become an addict for these novels!  The second book in this series continues to expand on the relationship Ana and Christian share.  You learn more about the past that haunts Christian and how Ana is helping him to move forward.  Yes there is still quite a bit of gratuitous sex, but it doesn't encompass the whole story.  There is a real story in between all the whips and chains... I swear.  You just need to look past the kink, if you can :)

Book 18 was Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian, yes another paranormal romance...I don't know why but I am totally drawn to these types of books, they must pull on some of the heartstrings that haven't rotten away.  Anyway...this is the 3 book in the Midnight Breed Series, and tells the story of the warrior Tegan and Elise, a widowed breedmate.

Elise has dealt with loss, first her husband and now her only child Camden, who was lost to the new street drug affecting vampires, Crimson.  Elise has decided to take the war with the Rogues and Crimson into her own hands, until Tegan finds out what she is doing and uses everything at his power, including his heart, to pull her away from her quest hoping to save her life along with his own.

Book 19 was Midnight Rising by Lara Adrian another story the vampires of The Order.
This one centres on the story of Rio, a damaged and betrayed warrior who is looking to end his life, until he meets Dylan.

Dylan is a reporter for a weekly tabloid magazine, who is looking for her next big story to raise her level of journalism.  While on a vacation with friends to Berlin, she travels up a large mountain face, where she finds a strange old tomb in the mountain...and a dirty, emaciated and angry Rio.  Little does Dylan know...she is looking at the rest of her life.

So ok..after like a month of postponing this post I am finally done.  To much going on in tomb life these days to actually sit down and type.  This week I am on vacation, so I plan on getting caught up on a few things, such as gravedigging, brain eating, blogging, and of course reading!

I'm already half done my next book, it's a new one By Blake & Jordan Crouch called Eerie.  Will probably let you know by today or tomorrow my thoughts on this one :)

Till next time my little minions!