Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally! Book 19 done!

Wow...it took me a long time to finish book 19 "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter". Not that the book was drab or slow, it was an enjoyable book...but my passion for video games got in the way of my reading time.

For any "gamer" the words "God of War" or "Final Fantasy" can bring night sweats and heart palpitations, such is the same with me. The month of March brought forth God of War III and Final Fantasy 13 (sorry,I don't know the roman numerals for 13) All my free time has been spent on mainly God of War III as I haven't touched Final Fantasy 13 as I know once I insert that disc into my PS3...well it's all downhill from there...kids, husband and all living things in my world will making their own dinner, doing their own laundry, and basically surviving without me!

So after some pushing, I decided it was time to finish this book! With lots of willpower, I have finally turned the last page of the book!

I have to say Seth Grahame-Smith has an amazing ability to turn historical fact into present day fiction. We all know of Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States, the man who abolished slavery, and who was assassinated on April 14 1865. But..did you know he was also a vampire hunter?

The story in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter begins with Abe's childhood and how after his mother dies (from a mysterious "sickness") he learns of vampires and vows to destroy everyone of them. The story travels with Abe through his years as a young man, his battles with finances, vampires and fatherhood, his winning of the presidential election, and finally his death.

It is like reading a biography of Lincolns life, but of course the historical facts are correct with some embellishments. :)

Seth Grahame-Smith has a knack for explaining the grotesque, using phrases such as "bloody brain matter" and "blood ran from his nose and mouth like a waterfall". Gotta love bloody brain matter and waterfalls of blood... (insert happy sigh here).

Now we all know John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln but there is so much more that is missing from that simple tale (according to the book). Grahame-Smith works his elements into history smoothly without a single stutter. Truly, he is a talented individual!

On to book 20! Which i have no idea what to choose...Horns by Joe Hill (thank you for the lending Dawn!) or Rusty Nail by J. A. Konrath (do I need another shot of J.D.) or maybe something completely different...decisions decisions...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Still Loving Jack Daniels! Book 18-Bloody Mary

I am still not an alcoholic! But Damn!! Jack Daniels is amazing!

For those of you that have read my blog before, you have probably been introduced to my new favorite character, Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels. The Chicago PD lieutenant who kicks ass, takes no shit, and now has a bit of a man (or men) problem!

In Bloody Mary (the second book in the Jack Daniels Mysteries) a new killer is on the lose, and is leaving items of Jacks at the murder scenes. Jack has to move fast to figure out how this killer is getting her personal belongings, and of course stop the murders.

The book is mixed very well with suspense, gore and humor. I actually caught myself laughing out loud at quite a few chapters. I mean really who wouldn't laugh with Mr. Friskers ( a cat Jack has taken in who was a murder victims) launches itself off of the television and lands on Herb Benedicts head! Jack is in another room and hears a loud screech.

In between Jack's personal life, Harry McGlades big mouth, Herb's exploration into Viagra and dieting, and Mr. Friskers "heartwarming" personality, I caught myself cringing, laughing and smiling through the whole book.

J. A. Konrath will you marry me?? I would sit and listen to your stories for hours, C'mon what wife would actually say that to their husband??

To bad I'm already married... :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Book 17-Cell by Stephen King

Let me start this blog off with the fact that I LOVE Stephen King. He has the knack of making stories that chill the blood and cause shivers to creep down peoples spines. Personally not my own, but I can see how some people get the creeps from his writing...although..as I am I horror junkie, it takes a lot to make me scared in book, tv show, or movie.

In the beginning, Cell reminded me of Stephen Kings books Desperation, and The Regulators (The Regulators he wrote as Richard Bachman). These two books were Stephens best in my opinion. They included a great plot, superb character development, and my personal favorite, all out gore. I mean what gore loving fanatic wouldn't smile when reading a book and the first few lines talk about an animal nailed to a speed sign?!? (don't get me wrong! I am an animal lover, but lets all remember this is a work of FICTION!! No animals were hurt during the writing of this novel...that I know of...).

So Cell starts out with Clay Riddell walking home after securing a deal with a publisher for the graphic novel he has created. He has picked his estranged wife a glass paperweight (paid for with the money he received as a deposit from the publisher) and is stopping for ice cream, when he hears screams from the park across the street.

He sees people attacking each other, a man ripping his dogs ear off with his teeth, and next to him one girl gets off a cell phone call and proceeds to attack a business woman beside her, ripping her throat out with her teeth. Blood, gore, explosions, it was like a breath of fresh air. I thought, Yes! back to the old Stephen!! Alas, I was excited early.

The book continues on with Clay and a few "Normies" (those not affected by what ever is going on, the take to calling it "The Pulse") Tom and Alice making their way across country trying to find a save haven, and Clays wife and son.

I was totally into the book, and enjoying it until about the middle of it. Then I was kind of like..."Uh ok...can we pick up the pace a bit?" Don't get me wrong...I enjoyed the book, but it kind of "stood still" for a good chunk of the book.

And it totally pissed me off, because it didn't come to an ending that closed the story. Damn cliff hangers!!! UGH!!!

Anyway book 18 is Bloody Mary by J.A. Konrath!