Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On to number 5 of 100

Since my last blog Christmas has come and gone, and the New Year is approaching (in a little over 24 hours and it will be 2010!) So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

In my last entry I was explaining how I get myself into reading multiple books all the time ( for my followers, remember I had 3 books on the go?) I am happy to say I have completed 2 of the 3.

"The Wall" was the account of a woman's dealings with the haunting of her house. Really it wasn't the best true haunting book I have ever seemed almost empty. There was a ton of words, but no emotion, no real suffering by this individual. Don't get me wrong I'm sure it was hard dealing with what she went through, but the book seemed so "matter of fact" . What made me REALLY dislike the book was the obvious lack of editing! Since I have been half ass critiquing Dawn's book, I have become a "grammer nazi". I can no longer read a book without picking up spelling errors, grammatical errors etc. But I toughed through it, and finished the book. The Wall was book number 3.

Book number 4 of the year was "Jacob" by Jacquelyn Frank.

All I have to say about this book is "Wow!" This woman has a knack for using words to get the "hot" parts of her book to come out! I had to have a couple cold showers while reading this book!

"Jacob" is the first in "The Nightwalker" series, by Ms Frank. The book centres around Jacob, a demon, who is stuck with keeping other demons from having intercourse with humans, he is "The Enforcer". Due to the fact that when a demon has sex, a human can get "hurt" and I'm not talking a bit uncomfortable, I'm talking ripped to little pieces. Demons are viscious lovers, and only demons of the opposite sex can handle it.

Now Jacob runs across Isabella (ok now before you start screaming, "Twilight" and "Jacob" came out in the same year, so it's just a coinky dink these names are used), and is immediately drawn to her, he can't stay away from her, will do anything to be with her, which is against the rules.

Now for someone who never really read paranormal romance books,I was strictly a horror person, I can honestly say this was a great book. It had romance, humor, and some violence. Isabella is a great "leading lady" also, she is strong, both physically and mentally, and very stubborn. She made me choke up, smile, and laugh out loud.

The book reminds me of JR Wards "Black Dagger Brotherhood" books, the writing is similar, and the books are pretty much the same idea. Jacob is about Jacobs fight for love, the next book in the series is Gideon. JR Ward has "Dark Lover" which is about her character Wrath, and the next book is mainly about a new character Rhage.

Now I love JR Wards I'm sure I'll be happy with these! Now on to book number 5, Gideon!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why do I do this to myself?!

Well...I'm in a bit of a pickle...

As I said in my last blog, I started a book called "The Wall". Which is interesting, but the writing style is very distracting and not allowing me to "get into" the book. It is page after page of writing...there is not one chapter. That bugs me...I mean if your going to talk about something totally different from what you were previously, at least start a new chapter!

Ok I'm done my rant...

My "pickle" is that when "The Wall" dropped my attention, I jumped to my friend Kyles book "Love, Simon", which is good so far. I am enjoying the book very much! But..

The other day, I realized I had to use a coupon for Chapters, before Christmas Eve, so I figured I would go and pick up a book. BUT!! I walk in the store and they have a "Buy 3 get the 4th free" deal going on...Ok this is big trouble for my bank account! So needless to say I walked out of the store with 5 books (and a singing, dancing reindeer but thats another story).

So for all of you that are heavy readers...whats the first thing you do with new books?? Look at them, scan pages, etc. etc. Ok I did that...(and enjoyed the "new book" smell, kind of like when you buy a new car). Then cracked the book to read the first chapter ( I didn't break the spine!)...and now I'm totally screwed.

So to make a somewhat long story, short, I am now reading 3 books....*sigh* I do this to myself all the time, start one, find another, start that one etc. etc. And it's not just with books, it's with any "project" I work on. Start one..jump to another, and then never get around to finishing the first project!

To make matters worse...I have misplaced "The Wall"! Possibly on purpose?! Hmmm...

Sometimes I just wanna bang my head against a rock or something.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Don't know how I felt about the book...

I finished "Infected" last 2 of 100, and I'm not sure if I liked it. It was an interesting story, with some gore factor...but it seemed to really pull for the "sci-fi" aspect the closer and closer you got to the end.

The parasites (which are named "Triangles" at some point in the book) turned out to be somewhat intelligent. The could speak to their hosts, and convince them to do things they wouldn't normally do..I guess hence making them "crazy" The last 20 pages or so drove me was all about an offensive movement by the army to eradicate the parasites, that had all burst out of their hosts bodies, and were going to Wahjamega where the is an arch that is drawing the hosts and parasites to it. Yeah ok...

Now...I don't know if there really is a place called Wahjamega...but it doesn't sound very exciting..I mean really...why there??! That is just one of the many questions this book left me with...which will probably be answered in the sequel "Contagious", which unfortunately I also own.

All in all the book is a good story...just not my thing. Although...the things Perry Dawsey (one of the main characters) does to himself to try and kill the "Triangles" that are living in his body are quite amusing. For instance...he cuts himself repeatedly, sits his bare butt on a hot burner (one of the triangles were on his butt cheek) and last but not least...castrates himself with a pair of chicken shears (I think you can figure out where another "Triangle" was).

So now I am on to book 3...I am going to read "The Wall". Which is a true account of a family that suffered from a haunting in their home. This is more my type of book, I LOVE reading paranormal books, watching paranormal movies, tv shows etc. (I think you get the idea). This book isn't very long, so I am hoping to have it done by tomorrow or Saturday.

Monday, December 14, 2009

2 of 100

All I have to say is today was Monday...Ugh...after having two days off on Thursday and Friday I went to work with a TON to do. Tried to work once I got home...but the program they said we needed to log onto work, didn't seem to connect for some reason. So I'll have to track down the IT guys at work tomorrow to figure out what is going on.

Anyway...I am on my second book of 100 for the year of 2010. This one is called "Infected" (as I mentioned in an earlier post). It is about a new parasite that is infecting the US, and making people do crazy things like killing their families and themselves....and not in a "slit your wrists" type of way..but in a "chop your legs off with a hatchet, and then set yourself on fire" kind of way. :)

It hasn't yet been determined what exactly it is that is making people is something like a parasite. It is not an organism (ie. tapeworm, ringworm etc.), instead it is a cellular mass, that is using the blood of the host for its food source, BUT it has no digestion system that they can tell. 5 people have died because of this "parasite"that they know of. Before they can really determine what the parasite is or how it works, they body rots away and dissolves into a black slimelike goop. Gotta love black goop!

I am only on like page 100, so I don't have an idea on where the book in going, but I will keep you posted!

I am interested in the book my good friend Kyle (I still have to read his book as well. Hey Dawn, will Kyles count as a book in the 100?) mentioned in his comment on my last blog page.."The Strain". It seems to be a vampire/apocalyptic type of story. Sounds very interesting...will definitely be investing in that one. Could that book be 3 of 100?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Damn it's COLD!

Yes, it's a brisk -38C (or -36.4 F for my American friends) here without the skin will freeze in seconds! keep from really feeling the cold, I've decided to follow my friend Dawns lead. We are looking to read 100 books in the year of 2010! Well we started a bit first book completed was "lover Avenged" which is the seventh book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward.

Secrets revealed, loves challanged and won...and you discover a little something about everyone's favorite king, Wrath. Don't worry Dawn, I'm not telling you anything!! :) Now I am picking up "Infected" by Scott Sigler. A book about a strange disease that is turning 1000's of people into complete bloodthirsty lunatics!! Ahh...that totally sounds like my kind of book...the more blood and suffering the better I always say!

On another note..I watched the movie "Grudge 3" last night. Yes it was ok...but I think they're going a tad bit to far with the whole "curse" angle. Although I must say the death scenes were great!! I mean this person has almost every bone in his body broken, One by One!!

That was amazing!!! LOL! Now don't think I've totally lost it...this was a movie right? And no people were hurt during the making of that movie, or the making of this blog.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Beginnings of a Blogger

This is my first blog...definitely something I never considered doing, but after some encouragement from by best friend Dawn, I decided "What the hell? Why not give it a shot?"

So here I am, wondering what to write..maybe a way to start is to tell those of you a bit about myself?

I am 33 years old, married to a wonderful man, with 4 kids (2 stepsons and 2 daughters). I am an animal lover, with more than 10 animals in my house, ranging from hampsters to dogs (with a snake and birds in there to). My true love is for anything horror, and the paranormal. I enjoy watching horror movies, and shows such as Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures (damn isn't Zach a hottie?!), and True Blood.

Right now I am reading Dawn's book called Absolution (check out the website here to get a sneak peek:, which isn't done yet, but is on it's way to being completed, and has both suspense, blood, torture (Thank you Dawn for including these!) and thriller components to it. It's a great book for someone just getting into the "big time"!

I am also reading "Lover Avenged" by J.R Ward. This is the seventh book in her "Black Dagger Brotherhood" series, which is AWESOME!!! Exspecially for a person who never once wanted to read a romance novel..wether it be paranormal romance, urban fantasy or otherwise. Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age? ;)