Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book 7-The Presence by Heather Graham

Ever have an author that you purchase 90% of the books they write, and you never read them?? Such is the case for me with Heather Graham. I have purchased her books for years and never had the chance to read them...until I finally picked up Haunted (book #3 for this year). Now I wouldn't say I'm addicted to her novels, but I do enjoy story with some kind of supernatural elements to it. Heather Graham does not disappoint.

The Presence is the story of a bunch of friends that rent a castle in Scotland, hoping to turn it into a tourist attraction using a story that is generated by Toni Fraser, unfortunately her faux story is all to real. Toni as a child had dreams of murders that were going to be committed. With the help of Adam Harrison, a man who runs a paranormal investigation agency, she has learned to suppress her visions and learn to deal with them, but with the return of the current Laird of the castle, Bruce MacNiall (who looks exactly like the character she envisioned in her story for the attraction), she is finding she is unable to stop her visions. The ghosts of the castle are trying to tell her it a warning about her sudden attraction to Bruce? Is it something to do with the current murders in the town of Tillingham? You'll have to read the book to find out.

The Presence is a book that intertwines romance, mystery, and paranormal suspense. I found the paranormal aspect of the story wasn't all that engaging, but the electricity between Toni and the Laird Bruce MacNiall is what kept me turning the pages. You can't help but wonder if they're going to kill each other or get together. The story was well paced, and somewhat intriguing. My only complaint is the paranormal aspect wasn't scary...I like it when ghosts can give you chills up your back or make you look over your shoulder. I didn't feel this with this novel, but it is interesting enough to keep you turning the pages.

I am not closing the doors of the library just yet..I am wandering around amid the pages and floating dust trying to find another book to read...think I might need to get a maid down here..

Til next time my little minions!

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