Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book 6 Cinder-By Marissa Meyer

Ok, Ok, so I'm off to a bit of a slow start for this 100 book challenge, I have actually read 7 books, but haven't had the time to blog about them. My crypt, family and the working life have called a few to many times and not allowed me to nestle down in my reading coffin to really get into a book...until now.

After bumming around on Facebook one afternoon, I happened on a listing for for a book called Cinder, I was instantly intrigued with the book. Having an immense desire to have the book in my dusty hands, I snuck out (little to the zombie dad's knowledge) and picked it up.

Now honestly after picking up the book I looked at the cover closely and kinda thought to myself WTF?? It shows a robotic leg inside a red high heeled shoe...Ok it was either robotic erotica, or sci fi type of story. I remembered just after thinking about the robotic erotica, that this is a young adult novel so erotica it is not...sci fi it is...bummer. :(

I am not a sci fi reader at all...honestly I find the genre boring, and not all that engrossing...unless it's has a lot of brain sucking, limb ripping aliens or something along that line (come on who in their right mind, doesn't love the game Dead Space?). Which really took me by surprise, when I couldn't put Cinder down.

Cinder takes place in the future after World War 4 and the entire world is nothing like we know now. Cinder is a teenage cyborg who is both ostracized by society simply because of what she is. She struggles to find her place, and runs her own mechanic shop in the market where she does repairs on androids, hovercrafts etc. for the people of New Beijing. She struggles with life at home with her stepmother, and two step sisters who are always against anything and everything she does.

The planet of Earth is struggling with a plaque-Letumosis, and people called Lunars that live on the moon and their Queen is hell bent on marrying the emporer. Doctors are struggling to find a cure for the plague, but cannot seem to pinpoint exactly what to do about the disease. And now the Emperor of New Beijing is dieing Letumosis.

On a somewhat happier note New Beijing is holding the annual Ball. Cinder would like to go, and her stepmother promises she can go if she finishes her chores, which strangely seem to add up as soon as Cinder finishes one. She is defeated and realizes that her dreams of going to the ball will not come to be...until the Prince Kai shows up at her repair business....

This is an amazing book. It is a retelling of the Cinderella story from a futuristic/science fiction angle. Marissa Meyers discribes her characters with such intense wording that you can't help but feel for everything they are going though. From Cinder, to her "wicked" stepmother you can't help but love and hate each and every one.

Closing the doors of the crypt library for now...Till next time my little minions!

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