Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book 16-Fallen

Book 16, Fallen by Lauren Kate was a young adult book (you know everyone is trying to jump on the Twilight train). But before you jump to the line "Oh it's another vampire book!" No, it's not.

Actually I had no idea what was with the main characters until the last 100 pages. Lauren Kate keeps that fact hidden fairly well. I had my suspicions, but not a definite "yes!".

Lucinda (or Luce as she is called in the book) is a 17 year old girl who us forced into the "Sword & Cross" school for reforming teenagers. She is sent here after the death of her "friend" Trevor, who died in a fire, and Luce can't remember anything about the day. So of course, she's at fault and needs serious intervention (God I sound like a spokesperson for A&E).

Sword & Cross puts on the show that it is a good place with all the amenities for it's students. Luce discovers that it is nothing of the sort. Pretty much everything goes into the "hazard box" , cell phones, radios, weapons of any kind etc. etc.

Luce is shocked and unsure with how to handle everything, when she meets Arianna, who comes to her "rescue" and shows her the ropes around the school....then Luce meets Daniel.

Daniel is another kid in the Sword & Cross school who Luce is inexplicably drawn to. Luce can't help herself, she needs to be with Daniel-even after he grinned at her and flipped her the bird the first time they noticed each other-no matter what the cost.

P.C. Cast claimed the book was "Sexy, Facinating and Scary". Ok I don 't know who much of a wimp P.C is, but this book was not scary!!! Unless you find teen angst scary?? But the book was enjoyable, and kept me reading. It's a teen book...P.C how sexy can it be??? Oooo...kissing and hugging...yup thats awfully sexy o_O

LOL!! Just having some fun! It's Sunday morning, and I'm half asleep.

Next book I'm getting back to my roots. Stephen Kings, Cell!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweetheart Book 15

Oh man all I can say is this was a "Sweetheart" of a book!! It's been quite a while since I've read a book in two days, but this one deserves that trophy!

Sweetheart is the second book in the Gretchen Lowell saga. Archie Sheridan continues to pull his life together after somewhat coming to terms with his obsession/torture with Gretchen Lowell. He is living with his wife and children again and is trying to be a good husband and father...while juggling his addiction to Vicodin.

Then the word comes in: Gretchen has escaped custody! Now Archies main goal is to capture Gretchen and will do anything to succeed, including using some those closest to him: His wife Debbie who is trying to keep her family together , Susan Ward the journalist trying to climb the proverbial ladder at the Herald, and Henry Sobol, Archies partner, and best friend, who refuses to give up on him.

This book was a lurid, and somewhat twisted tale into both Archie and Gretchens mind. Chelsea Cains writing style is wonderful, both in storyline and descriptive wording. When she describes a dead body you can actually see the "eyes like moldy grapes". She's a woman after my own heart (in a totally plutonic way). Her story flows so well, you don't even notice the time drift by..until you look up and go holy cow!!!

Book 16...I haven't decided a whole bunch of new books for Valentines Day (I love my husband!).

Monday, February 15, 2010

I love Jack Daniels!!

Just to clarify, I am not an alcoholic! Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels is the main character in J.A. Konraths book "Whisky Sour"

J.A. Konrath (also known as Jack Kilborn who wrote "Afraid") writes an amazing story in Whiskey Sour. Jack is a lieutenant with the Chicago police station, an everyday cop just wanting to see justice done. When "The Gingerbread Man" starts his killing spree.

Jack is called to a crime scene where a young woman is butchered and shoved upside down in a convenience store dumpster. After pulling the body out of the dumpster they discover a paper stapled to her chest with the words "You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbrean Man" I was completely taken aback by these words and knew then I would love this book, both Jack and The Gingerbread Man!

Jack Daniels is a wisecracking cop who is always ready with a smart comment and a closed fist. She's into playing pool, cracking cases and the occasional bar fight. Jack takes no shit, except in her love life which she is struggling with, resorting to "Lunch Mates" a dating service, but it's to bad "The Gingerbread Man" has plans for Jack as well.

Two goofy FBI agents, who rely on "VICKY" more than their own minds, Herb Benedict, Jacks partner, Harry McGlade, a sleezy PI, Phineas Trout a former con, Jack has turned to playing pool with, are just a few of the characters in this book.

This book is so amazingly well written, your smiling and laughing even in the goriest, and somewhat disturbing parts of the book. It is an amazing blend of humor and horror. Who wouldn't smile when you have an elderly woman say "He was a nice boy, but just couldn't keep his drumstick in his pants" Konrath keeps you going, right from the first page.

I am eagerly looking for "Bloody Mary" the second book in the Jack Daniels series. Anyone know where to pick it up?!?

Book 15 is Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain (actually I'm almost done it! So I'll be back tomorrow)

Friday, February 12, 2010

I should always trust Dawns recommendations

Book 13 was Heartsick by Chelsea Cain.

After my BFF Dawn read the book, she recommended it to me, knowing my love for serial killers and all things morbid. She told me I could borrow the book, but not being the type to borrow books I went out and bought my own copy.

Honestly I wasn't all to interested in the book, I have this thing against police dramas. There is a killer, and a cop blah blah blah. But, trusting in Dawns recommendation (she is a writer herself, so what better person to recommend a read?) I cracked the book open (but didn't crack the spine!).

The book centers around three main characters: Susan, the small time reporter, looking for her big break, Archie a damaged police detective, and Gretchen the serial killer.

Archie has just returned to the police force after a horrific ordeal. He uses drugs repeatedly to get through the days. Most times he is high, but he is determined to catch the killer in this case.

Susan works for the Portland Herald, and has just been given the chance to interview Archie in a serial article for the paper, about his life, career and what the atrocities he survived.

Then there is Gretchen, the serial killer. She's the one who made Archie the way he is. I can't get into it much, as it will ruin the story, but lets just say this woman is few cookies short of a jar.

Although Gretchen is a psychopath, she has a certain beauty and composure about her that is erie. Everyone seems to be drawn to her, including Archie, no matter what she has done.

I absolutely loved the character of Gretchen! It was completely refreshing to have a female serial killer, who was just as cruel, and bloodthirsty as any male killer I have read. She definitely is at the top of my list of favorite antagonists!

This book has an amazing story, with many twists, a little bit on romantic tension, and a surprise ending. I finished the book about a week ago, and should have done this blog a long time I forgot what I was going to say about the book. :)

Pick up the book! It's the first in a series! You'll be hooked on Gretchen!

Next book is Whiskey Sour, by J.A. Konrath

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Books 11 and 12!

Well after a trip to Kelowna for a family funeral I was able to finish two books. In between family gatherings and 4 kids wanting my attention, it was difficult to do but I was able to squish in some reading time!

Book 11 was Thirst (a collection of actually 3 stories but I'm counting it as one) by Christopher Pike. This book is about the last true Vampire on Earth, Alisa. Alisa is 5000 years old and is living a wealthy life in the US. She has just enrolled in high school under the name Lara Adams. She makes friends with Ray, and his girlfriend Pat, who is jealous of Alisa, and very intimidated by her. Alisa discovers that Ray is the son of the PI that was investigating her (and who she killed the night before). Alisa works to ensure Ray is well, but instead falls in love with him.

This book was interesting, but lacked the typical vampire appeal. Honestly there was something missing, it definitely wasn't a Twilight, or even a True Blood. Alisa's character seems almost like a superhero, everything comes to her, and anything that is against her is taken care of easily.

Yes there was some instances where things seemed a little dicey for Alisa, but not to the point of where I was totally immersed in the story or the character. By the end of the book, I was checking to see how many pages I had left to go. I don't think I'll be picking up Thirst Book 2.

I remember Christopher Pike as a young adult horror/suspence novels such as the Remember Me series. I loved these books, but I can't seem to find them anymore...Sigh.

Book 12 was 666 by Jay Anson, the author of The Amityville Horror.

Now, I LOVED The Amityville Horror. The book was suspenseful, horrific, and creepy! I'm sure everyone has heard of the Amityville Horror. The Lutz's move into a house, and strange things start to happen..etc. etc.

This book was what made me interested in the paranormal, hauntings and that sort of thing. I have read the book many times and still enjoy it.

666, not so much. I had high expectations for this novel, but was disapointed. It had the same premise as The Amityville Horror, but lacked quite a bit.

In 666 the Olsons are away on vacation. When they return, they notice a house was transferred to the land opposite their home. Yes, it was actually moved, not built, but moved off it's original foundation to this new place.

Anyway Kevin Olson is hired to do some repairs on the house before a renter is found. Kevin is in the home when he finds an old coin and it causes him to have strange visions. He gives the coin to a family friend, David, to take to a coin dealer who will check into it and have it appraised. David takes the coin and now he is also having strange visions and dreams about the house.

Well the story takes off from there... David discovering he has feelings for Mrs. Olson, strange happenings at the house at 666 Sunset Brooke Lane, and the owner of the house Mr. Coste who is continuously dropping money and items into Kevin Olsons office, when Kevin has changed the locks.

Seriously, I had the story figured out long before the end. The story is interesting, but not really scary, no shivers up the spine with this book. Definitely not the same as The Amittyville Horror. Or maybe I'm more knowledgeable with the paranormal, than I was the last time I read The Amittyville Horror?