Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book 16-Fallen

Book 16, Fallen by Lauren Kate was a young adult book (you know everyone is trying to jump on the Twilight train). But before you jump to the line "Oh it's another vampire book!" No, it's not.

Actually I had no idea what was with the main characters until the last 100 pages. Lauren Kate keeps that fact hidden fairly well. I had my suspicions, but not a definite "yes!".

Lucinda (or Luce as she is called in the book) is a 17 year old girl who us forced into the "Sword & Cross" school for reforming teenagers. She is sent here after the death of her "friend" Trevor, who died in a fire, and Luce can't remember anything about the day. So of course, she's at fault and needs serious intervention (God I sound like a spokesperson for A&E).

Sword & Cross puts on the show that it is a good place with all the amenities for it's students. Luce discovers that it is nothing of the sort. Pretty much everything goes into the "hazard box" , cell phones, radios, weapons of any kind etc. etc.

Luce is shocked and unsure with how to handle everything, when she meets Arianna, who comes to her "rescue" and shows her the ropes around the school....then Luce meets Daniel.

Daniel is another kid in the Sword & Cross school who Luce is inexplicably drawn to. Luce can't help herself, she needs to be with Daniel-even after he grinned at her and flipped her the bird the first time they noticed each other-no matter what the cost.

P.C. Cast claimed the book was "Sexy, Facinating and Scary". Ok I don 't know who much of a wimp P.C is, but this book was not scary!!! Unless you find teen angst scary?? But the book was enjoyable, and kept me reading. It's a teen book...P.C how sexy can it be??? Oooo...kissing and hugging...yup thats awfully sexy o_O

LOL!! Just having some fun! It's Sunday morning, and I'm half asleep.

Next book I'm getting back to my roots. Stephen Kings, Cell!


  1. I'm looking forward to reading this book, actually. It's on my list, right after Whiskey Sour. I feel like I'm falling so far behind! Too much working out....not enough reading. Gasp.

  2. Damn it! It's supposed to be Intervention not Invention!! LOL!! It was to early in the morning when I posted this.

  3. Ok I fixed it! Looks much better now :)