Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Books 11 and 12!

Well after a trip to Kelowna for a family funeral I was able to finish two books. In between family gatherings and 4 kids wanting my attention, it was difficult to do but I was able to squish in some reading time!

Book 11 was Thirst (a collection of actually 3 stories but I'm counting it as one) by Christopher Pike. This book is about the last true Vampire on Earth, Alisa. Alisa is 5000 years old and is living a wealthy life in the US. She has just enrolled in high school under the name Lara Adams. She makes friends with Ray, and his girlfriend Pat, who is jealous of Alisa, and very intimidated by her. Alisa discovers that Ray is the son of the PI that was investigating her (and who she killed the night before). Alisa works to ensure Ray is well, but instead falls in love with him.

This book was interesting, but lacked the typical vampire appeal. Honestly there was something missing, it definitely wasn't a Twilight, or even a True Blood. Alisa's character seems almost like a superhero, everything comes to her, and anything that is against her is taken care of easily.

Yes there was some instances where things seemed a little dicey for Alisa, but not to the point of where I was totally immersed in the story or the character. By the end of the book, I was checking to see how many pages I had left to go. I don't think I'll be picking up Thirst Book 2.

I remember Christopher Pike as a young adult horror/suspence novels such as the Remember Me series. I loved these books, but I can't seem to find them anymore...Sigh.

Book 12 was 666 by Jay Anson, the author of The Amityville Horror.

Now, I LOVED The Amityville Horror. The book was suspenseful, horrific, and creepy! I'm sure everyone has heard of the Amityville Horror. The Lutz's move into a house, and strange things start to happen..etc. etc.

This book was what made me interested in the paranormal, hauntings and that sort of thing. I have read the book many times and still enjoy it.

666, not so much. I had high expectations for this novel, but was disapointed. It had the same premise as The Amityville Horror, but lacked quite a bit.

In 666 the Olsons are away on vacation. When they return, they notice a house was transferred to the land opposite their home. Yes, it was actually moved, not built, but moved off it's original foundation to this new place.

Anyway Kevin Olson is hired to do some repairs on the house before a renter is found. Kevin is in the home when he finds an old coin and it causes him to have strange visions. He gives the coin to a family friend, David, to take to a coin dealer who will check into it and have it appraised. David takes the coin and now he is also having strange visions and dreams about the house.

Well the story takes off from there... David discovering he has feelings for Mrs. Olson, strange happenings at the house at 666 Sunset Brooke Lane, and the owner of the house Mr. Coste who is continuously dropping money and items into Kevin Olsons office, when Kevin has changed the locks.

Seriously, I had the story figured out long before the end. The story is interesting, but not really scary, no shivers up the spine with this book. Definitely not the same as The Amittyville Horror. Or maybe I'm more knowledgeable with the paranormal, than I was the last time I read The Amittyville Horror?


  1. I wish I read horror, because I'd have some suggestions for you that didn't suck... But the closest I get to horror is dark fantasy or some darker thrillers...

    I know you like vampires, so you might want to try Elizabeth Kostova's THE HISTORIAN...

    If you like epic fantasy with lots of juicy torture and things like that, read the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind...

    Can't think of anything else I read that you might like! :P

  2. I looked at Thirst a few times and passed it by. Glad you're reading Heart Sick now - I love when we read the same books and compare notes.

    Love and missed you! xo