Sunday, November 14, 2010

Book 51: Henry VIII: Wolfman by A.E. Moorat

Walking through the local Chapters bookstore with my BF Dawn I happened upon this book and was instantly reaching for it. I have always been fascinated by the story of Henry VIII,his wifes and their untimely end via the executioners axe (anyone want to start singing "I'm Henry the 8th I am??) This book followed the history of Henry fairly well, but added in quite a bit of fictional accounts to make it not read like a high school history assignment.

Many authors are jumping on the "historical fiction"bandwagon. From "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter, they are all giving us a different taste of the history most of us already know. They are enjoyable, gory and often humorous accounts of what we have all been told in textbooks.

Henry VIII: Wolfman took some time to get rolling, I struggled a bit getting into the story. Although after forcing myself to continue to read, I was pleasantly surprised. The book moves along at a good pace, that keeps the reader interested enough to keep picking up the book and turning those pages (after about the half way mark, anyway).

I found it strange how the book was not all that intriguing in the first half, but after that I couldn't put the book down, it literally "drew me in" giving me a different look at a King that we have all been told was ruthless and heartless. I know this is a work of fiction, but you can't help but empathize for Henry who is struggling with his change, and the impending war with the Wolfen. Didn't you all read in your high school textbooks how in the 1500's werewolves were running rampant in England?? No?!?!

Anyway, if you do enjoy history with a bit of a twist, pick this one up.

My to be read pile has grown...after a book sale in Edmonton with the Public Library, and the Canmore Public Library book sale..I think I am drowning in books. My husband is going to kick me and my books out of the house we have no where to live!

Well no, not seriously, but the pages are starting to cause a bit of a space issue...I REALLY need my out library.

Till next time!


  1. Not convinced I would love this book - I've been in the mood for the kind of book that hooks me at the first page. Like Crescendo, which I JUST finished. Thanks for loaning it babe. xo

  2. Thanks, Zombiemon. I really appreciate the review and I'm chuffed to bits you liked it.