Friday, October 29, 2010

Book 50-Absolution by Dawn Ius

This book is another novel that has not been released yet to the public, but I am giving you all a little peek at this book written by my best friend Dawn.

Now I read this book when it was still in the "works" and thought it was amazing then. After some feedback from her agent and editors, Dawn had to make some changes. I was pretty upset with the changes (basically taking out all the gore and good stuff), but after reading this "new and improved" version I am pleasantly surprised.

I find the book so much better without the gore, and violence (GASP! Can't believe I am saying that!), it seems to flow better and is more complete...if that makes any sense :)

The book is a story about Cait, a reporter, who is forced to quit her job after her car is blown up by Nico, the person who she is doing a report on. Nico is a private investigator to the stars and Cait knows he isn't working between the lines of the law.

Cait is offered a job with Skeptic magazine. This job sends her to Italy to do a story on the Nivola, a ceremony in the Catholic Church where a Bishop retrieves a nail from the crucifixion of Jesus, and it is said to grant miracles. Many people have witnessed this ceremony and attest to the miracles. One lady was cured of cancer, another got pregnant after trying for seven years. Cait's job is to find two sides of the story, believers and non believers, but someone has a different plan for Cait...and it has nothing to do with her writing about the Nivola.

Father Amadeo Duretti on the eve of the Nivola ceremony, is forced to listed to Nico Pasquali's "confession". Nico is Amadeo's brother in law, and Amadeo is forced to decide which is more important to him, his love for his sister, or his love for his God.

All of the characters stories wind together into a "miracle" of a story, that moves at a solid pace, and keeps the reader enthralled.

Dawns use of description in the book really gives you a good view of what the city of Milan looks and feels like. You can almost feel the air whisper through your hair, see the greatness of the Duomo, and smell Nico's cigars.

When this one hits the shelves I definitely recommend picking it up. For those of you who are into the psychological thriller genre it is definitely a keeper. And I'm not saying this because she is my BF, I'm saying this because I REALLY enjoyed this book!

Watch out world! My buddy Dawn is coming to the fiction world! Future New York Times bestseller here!

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  1. In the midst of the Halloween hoopla, I forgot to come back and say: THANK YOU. I could receive a million and one reviews over the course of my life, but none will mean as much as this one. Right here.
    Loves ya. Big. xo
    (And I'm SO relieved you enjoyed it WITHOUT the gore...)