Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Book 47-The Hearts Filthy Lesson by Sheldon L'Henaff

Ok first of all I have to say this book is by a co-worker friend of mine. Sheldon is part of the team where I work here in Edmonton Ab. He has been working on his writing career for a few years now and published his first novel "Drowned World" a year or so ago.

The books he writes are not my usual literature choice, but to be a supportive friend I am always asking him if he has anything new...and I have to admit his books interest me. Yes they are works of fiction, but they have such a "real life" kind of aspect to them, that you can't help but continue to read.

The Hearts Filthy Lesson is a book about two best friends Dutch and Eli. They are both homosexual young men working in the call centre of Go! Credit. The story reads basically like a month in the life of these two. The good, the bad, and yes...the very ugly.

Dutch and Eli are two individuals that are an unlikely pair, kind of like oil and water. Eli is an absolute dirt bag, having sex with anything that moves pretty much, and living on meth, cocaine, and ketamine. The best words I can use for Eli are "morally bankrupt" as one of the characters in the book state. Eli, doesn't care what he does, or who he hurts as long as he is satisfied both sexually and personally. Dutch is a quiet individual who also is addicted to ketamine, cocaine and meth, but he is able to hold himself together, and is a decent human being, but he is in love with Eli.

I don't know what drew me to not stop reading this book. I couldn't put it down. I told Sheldon it must have been morbid curiosity (there are quite a few gay sex scenes in the book) or maybe it was just my NEED to see something really NASTY happen to Eli. Honestly you can't help but hate the guy, and really feel for Dutch.

This book has not been released as of yet, but I recommend everyone to go and pick it up (unless you suffer from homophobia), it really is an enjoyable read.

My next book will be Draculas by J.A Konrath. I am just dieing to get home from work so I can download it!


  1. You're turning into quite the pre-pubished reviewer :-) Love it. Can't wait for you to re-read Absolution. I know, I know. AFTER Donna's and Joe's books :-P Love ya. xo

  2. Whoops! Screwed that comment up. What I wanted to say was Like I said, I would put everything on hold for you, you just have to send me the book! LOL!

    Oh wait..I'm reading Draculas...Um..maybe you will have to wait. I'm 40 pages in and the book is ROCKING!!!

  3. sounds like a wicked read! cool background btw!

  4. Thank you Jude! I spoke to Sheldon and he says the book should be out in Spring. I can't wait to see his cover art!

    Thanks for the comment on the background!