Friday, October 8, 2010

Book 48-Draculas by J.A Konrath, Blake Crouch,Jeff Strand and F. Paul Wilson

Wow...that's all I have to say. Wow! This book was freaking amazing!!! An absolute smorgasbord of blood, guts and all out mayhem. What a change from the usual horror novel writing.

Draculas was the effort of 4 horror novelists: My personal favorite J.A Konrath, along Jeff Strand, Blake Crouch and F. Paul Wilson. These 4 put together create a masterpiece of a vampire book. We aren't in Forks Washington anymore people, there are no sparkly vampires here. No! We are in the Blessed Crucifixion hospital, where it all begins.

Mortimer Moorecook, a retired wall street tycoon, is dieing of cancer. He is a millionaire with money to spare, and he hears of a strange skull found in a Romanian farmers field. The skull has baffled researchers and the rumor is that it is a vampire skull. Mortimer is trying to beat death, and pays millions to have the skull shipped to him. He hires Shanna an anthropologist to look at the skull and tell him if it is in fact a vampire skull.

The day comes that Mortimers investment comes to his home via Fed Ex. Shanna and him are looking at the skull and trying to figure out if it is a fake. Mortimer takes the skull and clamps it on his neck...and all freaking hell breaks loose.

The book doesn't have all that much in depth to it. It's not going to give you some life long lesson to live by (besides stay the heck away from people with REALLY big sharp teeth), but it will churn your guts, and make you wince. The introduction states "If you are easily disturbed, have a weak stomach, or are prone to nightmares, stop reading right now. There are no sexy teen hearthrobs herein"

You have been warned.

Now come on, who wouldn't want to read a book with those words in the introduction?!?!

I can't say enough about how super the gore factor is in this book. It's is all about the blood, brain matter, balloon animals made out of intestines (SWWEEET!!) and an 8 month old fetus chewing it's way out of it's mothers belly (I will say it again SWWEEET!!!).

You can download the first few chapter here via amazon: This is a teaser trailer for the book. Or you can purchase the entire book (which I so recommend) here:

If you haven't been made all "froofy poofy" by nice vampires like Edward Cullen, and can handle a whole lot of blood and guts (or if you're like me and relish in it) then Draculas is the book for you to read. I can see it becoming a classic in vampire literature.

Here's to you J.A Konrath, Blake Crouch, Jeff Strand and F. Paul Wilson!!! You have brought the scare factor back to the vampire!

I have no idea what my next book will be...I think I'm going to sit and wallow in the greatness of Draculas.


  1. I love when a book inspires you with such passion :-) Sounds like a winner, my dear BF. And another win for Konrath et al. I think I might check this one out... xo

  2. Oh Dawn, it's so so so worth it!

  3. Dear Zombiemom - thanks so much for this lovely review, however, the authors of the book would request that you replace the links you included in your review with the Amazon pre-order and teaser page. We did not send those links around for everyone's use, only the people who agreed to advance reviews.
    Blake Crouch

  4. My apologies Mr. Crouch. I have changed it.