Friday, May 21, 2010

Book 29-Beware by Richard Laymon

I was introduced to Richard Laymon about a year ago, and now I can't get enough. He uses the art of horror unlike no one else!! With a dash of suspense, some romantic tension, sexual violence and all out gore...he is my dream man, to bad he passed away a few years ago. Dead or not, he can always turn your stomach or start the chills!!

Beware is a story that starts with Elsie Hoffman is a retiree who owns the local grocery store in town. She is a content woman who does everything she can for her local town mates. One night she is getting ready to close up her store when weird things start to occur. Elsie leaves the store only to come back the next day with Red and his dog Rusty to take care of the "hooligans" who harassed Elsie. Well needless to say...Rusty ends up a bloody smear on the store linoleum.

Red & Elsie decides to spend the night at the store to avenge his fallen comrade with his shotgun. Well I guess you can imagine what happens to the two of them....Elsie ends up shrink wrapped on the meat counter in little pieces, and Red...well...Red dies after losing an arm. And this is only how the story definitely is a joy ride of blood, guts and yes quite a bit of sex.

After this the story centers on Lacey Allen the reporter who found Red and Elsie dead in the market, and who is raped by the "presence" in the store. She flees away from the town to try and come to terms with what happened and start a new job. Although her wishes won't be fulfilled so easily as the "presence' has followed her.

Beware was a ton of fun to read! Honestly it kept me going and I wanted to read every second...but sleep had to come in there to. :) I wasn't a big fan of how it ended, but thats just me.

Would explain more, but I have a lot to do tonight! Heading to Banff tomorrow for a much needed break from my kiddies. To bad it's going to be rainy and cold all weekend. :(

I am reading The Vampire Diaries books 3 & 4 next.

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  1. You're going to Banff? So excited for you! Who cares about the rain - READ. RELAX. Crap I miss you. Have an awesome trip. xo