Monday, May 31, 2010

Books 30 & 31 The Vampire Diaries The Fury & Dark Reunion

What really pushed me to read these books was the TV series "The Vampire Diaries". I was curious to see if I could place the TV actor Ian Somerhalder as the Damon in the book, plus I was wondering how much the TV show was based on the book. Alas on both counts. Damon in the book is described as being dark haired and dark eyed...which is not so of Ian. With those amazing ice blue could I picture him with dark eyes in my minds eye?!? I couldn't fathom it...I swoon at the thought of those eyes! Excuse me for a moment.....

Ok back! The Vampire Diaries books read almost like there is not a break in the books at all. Each book starts right after the last book ended. For instance, the book could end with "She opened the door" and the next book will be like "She opened the door and a blinding light came at her". Sorry I'm not a writer...or I'm just tired tonigh...probably both.

I can't tell you much about the books as it is a series and I would give to much away. But I can tell you the book left with with a LOT of jaw dropping moments. I sat there dumbfounded many a time in the third and fourth book going "What the hell?!?!"

These books honestly are really good to read. Yes they are a YA novel, and yes not all that heavy on the gore factor, with a bit of romance...but hey, it's about vampires. How can you go wrong?!?! The ending of the fourth book left me with a bit of a sour taste in my was way to "fruffy poofy" (for those of you who don't know me, that means a happy lovey squishy type of thing, which I am really not into. I would be happier if someone ended up slaughtered in a very bloody fashion, but hey, I can't have everything right?). Still L.J. Smith weaves a nice story that is easy to get into and serves the vampire masses what they crave.

The next book is Bloodline by Kate Cary. I picked this book up in Montreal, when I was there briefly in 2008 on a trip for work. I have never picked it up, but always looked at it thinking "I should really read that". Well I guess now is the time to read it. :)

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  1. Picturing Ian as Damon is the whole reason I could not read that series, I think. Damon has ruined me for all other vampires. Hell, who am I kidding, Ian has ruined me for all other men. Sigh.

    I just saw a review for Bloodline the other day by a fellow blogger. Sounded like something you might like. I'm reading Anywhere She Runs by Debra Webb. I think you might like it...