Friday, May 14, 2010

Book 28 Morrigans Cross by Nora Roberts

Ok...well I went into this book with lots of "Why are you picking this up" and "What the heck are you thinking?!" Nora Roberts?!?! My brain must have taken a vacation to pick this book up...but you know what?! It wasn't that bad!! It was actually quite enjoyable.

Morrigan's Cross begins it's story in the 12th century and is the story of Hoyt, who is called on by the god Morrigan to stop Lilith, a vampire "queen" who is planning on taking over the world. He is put to task to gather 5 others to create the "Circle". One of the members is Hoyt's brother Cian who was changed by Lilith into a vampire.

Hoyt sets out on his journey after being told to travel to the "Dance of the Gods" where he is thrown into New York in the 21st century. He discovers his brother is still alive and doing quite well for himself. Hoyt convinces Cian to help him in his quest and so the story begins. Together Hoyt and Cian gather Glenna, the witch, Moira, future queen of Geall, Larkin a shape shifter, and Blair a demon huntress. These six individuals are tasked with saving the world, past present and future.

When I first started reading the book I didn't know how to take it. You have Hoyt who is a sorcerer mixing potions and the like and planning on going after Lilith who has changed his brother. It totally read like a fantasy book which I totally despise.!

Once Hoyt ends up in New York things change. It becomes more present day. Cian and Hoyt almost remind me of Damon and Stephen from the Vampire Diaries. One is quiet and the other is a loud mouthed ass. They have a lot of animosity toward each other for different reasons, and you can feel the tension while reading the pages.

The book is very well written and flows like a good song. It pulls you in and holds you there. You can feel what the characters are feeling and almost physically feel it when they are injured. I actually ended up laughing out loud at some of the scenes, and usually I don't do that.

Honestly I think I will soon pick up the second book in this trilogy "Dance of the Gods" and maybe look into her other vampire trilogies. With writing so smooth and enticing, how can I say no???

Now don't get me wrong, but I am not going to jump on the Nora Roberts band wagon. Personally, romance novels (unless they deal with vampires, werewolves and the like) do not interest me at all. If there's no blood with the gratuitous sex...I don't want to read it. 29 I haven't quite figured out yet...but I will let you know in time.

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  1. LOL. I should have known that the best way to lure you over to the Nora side would be with some vamps. I agree - you might not love her typical romances, but her writing is so smooth and wonderful, I'm almost always sucked in. There's a reason she's my idol :-)