Sunday, May 9, 2010

Book 27-Celia by Ruby Jean Jensen

Ahh do I love thee...let me count the ways...your writing talent is a nice change from what horror usually is today.

Celia, I thought, would be another one of Ruby Jean Jensen's books about killer dolls. I thought...but was totally wrong (grab your seats husband knows I don't say I'm wrong often!). The story centers around Celia, an abused wife and mother, who is desperate to get out of the situation for the safety of her kids. Her son-of-a-bitch husband Durk, tells her " I'll get you Celia. You kill me and I'll come back as your worst nightmare. I'll get you and I'll get your kids too".

"I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!!!" Sorry...drifted off there....

Celia lives in fear everyday, until one day Durk does something so unspeakable, she is driven to kill him and hide his body in the swamp. Celia flees with her three kids, Jonie, Drew and Blair to the "Underground Railroad", a group of people who help battered wifes and families get away from the abuse.

Celia meets Mel, the man who is escorting the family to a new life in Northern California. On the way they all stop at safe houses-families who also work with the Underground Railroad to give food and shelter to those fleeing until they reach their new lives. Unfortunately soon after they leave the people they are staying with, wind up dead.

Mel, Celia and the kids are running from an unseen force bent on killing them, and anyone who gets in its way.

I really did enjoy this book. Ruby Jean Jensen has a way to wind together supernatural horror along with "real life horror" (the type of thing that happens everyday to people). She does it so in a way that you can feel for the main characters and hope that they get out of the situation alive. She doesn't need to throw in a lot of macabre slasher scenes (even though...most of the time I CRAVE them LOL!). She is able to get the chills going with out the blood, sex and one liners that are pretty much the fodder for most horror stories. But you know...blood and sex isn't all bad either... ;) Any one up for a Saw movie?!?!

So if anyone has their hands on a Ruby Jean Jensen novel (they are very hard to find. Took me a year of calling second hand book stores all over the country trying to get what I could. I still don't have them all!). Read it!!!

The next book I'm keeping a secret...mainly because my BF would drop dead, if she knew I had picked it until my next's all a hush hush thing, I don't want to scare her to death...BWAHAHAHA!!

Till next time...


  1. You are such a tease! I'm sending my spy bot over :-)
    So...since Celia is a second-hand book (right?!), that would likely mean the spine is...imperfect. And thus, lendable?

  2. are so was a second hander and alas the spine is broken. I almost wept at the sight of it! I can't get them new as she is pretty much out of print except for two of her books. Sigh...such a great writer gone!