Monday, January 11, 2010

Seekins Spirits: Book 7 of 100 for 2010

Ok..I'm VERY upset! Why do publishers allow companies to put together books so poorly?

Reading "Seeking Spirits", by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, the Ghost Hunters, was supposed to be enjoyable, but instead it took all my willpower to not claw my eyes out at the sight of a brand spanking new book have it's pages fall out!!

For those of you who know me, you are aware of how VERY anal I am about my books...don't crease the cover, don't dog ear pages, don't leave the book open face down, and don't break the spine! Ugh...I shudder at the thought!

So...I'm reading Seeking Spirits, which I noticed in the first 50 pages the poor spine binding, so I was extra careful to make sure the pages stayed intact...well with all my careful page turning and keeping the spine nice and uncreased, a chunk of pages fell out of the book. I almost burst into tears..I didn't know what to do, I was speechless! After a couple deep (very deep) breaths in and out, I was able to put the pages back into the book and finish it (at the end more pages fell out!) Damn shoddy craftsmanship...I should find out where Pocket Books is and "flip my lid" on them, almost gave me a coronary when the pages fell out.

I'm so traumatized now I can't even tell you how the book was...gasp gasp...It was a bunch of the "lost" cases from the Ghost Hunters world. The cases that weren't televised for some reason or another. It was a good book, with chills and laughter. Some of the people that call them for help with what they think are ghost issues, are just plain nuts. Like the little old lady who had Jay and Grant come over to her home, gave them milk and cookies, went to the kitchen to put the plates in the sink and then proceeded to attack Jay and Grant with a frying pan! It turns out the lady was hearing voices in her head. It was found out after the lady went to the doctor (Jay and Grant called her family and told them to take her)that she was schizophrenic. Sorry, but I laughed out loud (amid my tears for my book).

If anyone is a fan of the Ghost Hunters I would recommend picking up this book (another one of the stories in the book is how Grant got interested in paranormal phenomena). It is a good look into side of the Ghost Hunters, that isn't shown on TV. Also check for their fist book, "Ghost Hunting".

Going to go now...and prepare a nice little coffin type thing for my book...give it a decent burial. The days are dark, I am in mourning (damn publishers!).


  1. Wow! I'm shocked you haven't tracked down a phone number and gone ballistic on them :-) I bet, though, if you wrote them a letter, they would send you a new book. My Dad did that with some book and the publishers were more than accommodating...

    However, I would like to see pics of the coffin. xoxo

  2. Hmmm...always the best friend you are!!! I'm hunting down an address right now!!! Gonna get me a new book! LOL!

    The coffin is a little shoe box sort of thing with pictures of Ghosts and stuff on it..for Jay and Grant.