Sunday, January 17, 2010

Book 8-Gideon

Wow all I have to say about Gideon is it was FANDIBULOUS! Jacquelynn Frank has an amazing way with words. You can actually fully picture not only the characters, but the world they live in.

The nice thing about Jacquelynn Frank is that the setting changes quite is not the same base, the same healing centre, the same, same, same. I loved the Jr Ward books for the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but after reading the 7 books in the series it was the same setting through them all, the house, the club, etc etc. Jacquelynn Frank allows her characters to travel to different places, and does an amazing job describing the landscape, like she has actually been there.

The book "Gideon" is abut the oldest of all demons, and how everyone looks to him for guidance, healing (he is a "doctor" in the demon world) and now Madelegna is looking to him for love.

This is an area of life Gideon has never dealt with, for the last 9 years he has lived alone in solitude, continuously belittling himself for what happened during the Samhain moon so long ago. Secretly Gideon has always desired Madelegna, but has been unable to act on his emotions, as he sees her as a child (she is 500 years younger than him). Gideon is a story of growth for the title character, as well as many of the other characters.

Now I have said I am not a romance reader, most of the time it is horror this and horror that...but the paranormal romance books seem to strike a cord in me somewhere that makes me keep reading them. I love to settle in with a vampire, demon, werewolf, whatever Nightwalker I choose and get lost in their world. Not sure...maybe I need some time away from a strange land to get back to my old horror loving self. :)

Book 9 will be Afraid by Jack Kilborn. I have to admit I have already started it...and completely addicted!! This is getting me back to my "roots".

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  1. Me thinks you're turning into a softie :-P xo