Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book 6 " Hush Hush" done!

Wow...all I have to say is my BF Dawn can pick some amazing books! This time I read "Hush Hush" by Becca Fitzpatrick and even though it is a young adult novel, it kept my interest with a great storyline, and super characters.

I purchased "Hush Hush" for Dawn for Christmas, after she mentioned to me that she was considering buying it. My thought " Ah ha! Christmas present for her!" So I run out like a crazy woman to the bookstore to get it for her. So now she has read it, and passed the "torch" to me.

The story centers around Nora Grey who is a good student at school, lives with her mother and is trying to cope with the murder of her father.

In biology class the topic of sexual education is brought up and Nora is seated with Patch, the typical "bad boy"...Dark hair, clothes and eyes. He seems to have taken quite the interest in Nora, and is pushing to get closer to her, and not just in the distance between their chairs. :)

Nora on the other hand, is both frighted by, and attracted to Patch. She knows something is strange about him, but just can't put her finger on it.

At the beginning the story totally reminded me of Twilight, the two of them sitting in class, both a bit uncomfortable (Patch hiding it with a cocky attitude, and Nora TRYING to hide it!) etc. etc. Don't worry completely goes "un-twilightish" right after this.

Now for my seventh book...I'm bouncing around the idea of reading "Seeking Spirits" by Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes (yes, the Ghost Hunters), "Afraid" by Jack Kilborn, or "Gideon" by Jacquelyn Frank.

Decisions Decisions!


  1. My vote is for Afraid, by Jack Kilborn, which I think has been touted as one of the most underrated horrors of the last few years. It's been recommended to me several times.

    And of COURSE I have great taste in books, darling -- I learned from the best :-) xo