Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book 9-"Afraid" I'm Feeling so much more like myself!

Book 9 was Afraid by Jack Kilborn, and what a book it was!

As a horror lover this book reminded me of the Saw movies, in a sense. For instance, you have one character in the story: Santiago, who loves to hear people scream...I'll leave that to your imagination...Then you have Bernie, who likes to burn people.

Picture this if you will: Your a retiree, who is fishing the lake near where you live with your wife. Your sitting baiting your hook, and enjoying the silence when a helicopter flies overhead and a few seconds later...crashes! You row you boat towards the dock (the boat is old and you can't get the motor going). The rowing is tough on your old body, but you keep going. Row...row...row...the silence is pierced by the screams of your wife! Not just scared screams but screams of extreme pain. You row as fast as your arms can , trying to get to the love of your life.

So...this is how the books starts. It is full of wonderfully graphic torture scenes, and a itty bitty bit of romance (come on who wouldn't get a warm and fuzzy when people are being brutally murdered..what? I'm the only one?! Oh Ok.)

I don't want to talk to much about it, because it will give the plot away. So I'm kind of stuck with saying it was a great book! Definitely cleansed my reading pallette of the romancey crap I have been reading! Ah it's good to be myself again!

Looking for something to read for book 10...I'm kinda stuck but I'll let you know :)

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  1. Woot! I am so excited that the book I was told would be creepy and scary was - I always worry when I recommend books to the Queen of Horror :-) Trying to decide whether I beg to borrow Afraid from you or if I go out and buy it. xoxo