Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book #3 Haunted by Heather Graham

Looking for a ghost story type of book that will give you the chills, and make you think about leaving the lights on in your crypt??? Ummm...this is not one of those books, but it was a good story all the same. :)

The story centres around Melody House, a colonial house in Virginia. There have been rumours and whispers of the hauntings going on at Melody House...but the owner Matt Stone doesn't believe in ghosts. Finally he is forced to bring in help in the form of an old family friend, Adam Harrison, who owns a paranormal investigation agency.

Enter Darcy Tremayne, a strong young woman who works for the paranormal agency called into investigate Melody House. Darcy has an ability to sense things about a location, she dreams about the past and can normally figure our what has happened at a location through her visions. Darcy warns Matt that he may not like what she finds regarding Melody House. Matt the non believer scoffs at her, and figures she is just nuts...but something about her draws him to her...

I have collected quite a few of Heather Grahams novels though the years. They have sat in the library in my crypt for quite some time, gathering gravedust. Her books have always made me raise an eyebrow when I read the synopsis, ghosts, hauntings, and the like are TOTALLY up my alley so to say. Unfortunately I haven't picked up one of her books until now (been pulled away by such authors as Jack Kilborn, J.A Konrath and Blake Crouch. If you haven't read anything by these authors go now!! Pick something up!!). I am very happy with Heather's writing style and how the story progresses. It is smooth, and engrossing.

My only complaint is the spirits in this book are guiding and mean no harm to the living. They want to communicate and tell their story, wether good or bad. Personally if your going to make a story centred around a haunting at least make them a little unnerving??? Who doesn't love a story with a crazed ghost wanting everyone to violently pay for what happened to them or at least scare the heck out of someone....oh? Just me?!?! Hmmm...

Other then that I enjoyed the book, it was a good story with a bunch of spooky moments, some romance, and a bit of a mystery in there to. I would recommend the book to those that don't like something to scary to read. (stay away from aforementioned authors if your one of these people)

Closing the doors of the crypt for now, till next time!

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