Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book 56-Lover Mine by J. R. Ward

Ever have the issue where you want all the books in a series strictly in paperback or hardcover? One of my pet peeves is having a mismatched series of books. Anyone share my dilema? Anyone? Hmmm....

Lover Mine was a book that came out last year...but in hardcover. As all my J.R Ward novels are paperback I had to wait...and wait...and wait...for the paperback. I would check every month religiously for the release date. On November 30, I was at Indigo books with money in my hand and a smile on my face.

Love Mine is the 8th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Dawn told me about the first book Dark Lover around the time we started our 100 book challenge for 2010. I think she has created a monster. I love the stories and characters (oh Vishous I STILL heart you!). Each book is about one of the members of the Blackdagger Brotherhood, and their journey to find thei one true shellan (word for wife in the books).

Lover Mine is the story of John Matthew, one of the newest members of the BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood) who after a sorted past came to be with the Brotherhood after being picked up by the brother Tohrment.

John Matthew has always loved Xhex, the tough, ass kicking "sympath" assassin working at a local club as head of security. Xhex is not interested in love, she is all business, but John turns her feelings upside down, even though she won't admit it.

After Xhex is kidnapped by the Lessers (enemies of the BDB and vampires in general), John fights to find her alive, or dead, and kill those that took her from him.

This is a story of love, revenge and retribution. I completely love Ward's novels. As I said Dawn has so created a monster with these books...I even love the language and slang they use ( I can see Dawn cringing here, she hates the BDB lingo). Yes, the lingo is a little tiresome...I mean you can only read the word "shitkickers" so many times, but hey, it gives the story a kind of life of it's own.

I am eagerly awaiting the next Ward novel in this series Lover Unchained...but that will probably be in hardcover...and then I'll have to wait another year...sigh...

Gonna put on my shitkickers and go Christmas shopping. Ya feel me? (sorry Dawn I HAD to, you know I LOVER these books!)

Hee hee... :)

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  1. I am genuinely happy that you have found another author to love and worship but I admit, I'm way over the BDB and their shitkickers. I might be able to get past the cheesy-ass slang, and even the cliche'd story lines if the writing was decent. Sadly, I can't read a chapter without wanting to edit the crap out of it. That said, I respect the marketing machine that is JR Ward and understand why she has so many followers and fans - you included. And, I give her this: the girl can write kick-ass sex scenes :-)