Monday, December 13, 2010

Book 55 Subterranean by James Rollins

I was introduced to James Rollins by my BF Dawn. She is quite the fan of Mr. Rollins and in her future bestsellers circle has gotten some words of wisdom from him for her writing career.

Dawn introduced me to Mr. Rollins through the book "The Alter of Eden" which I thought was an amazing read. I absolutely loved this book, and now work to find books by James.

Anyway..on our yearly (sometimes semi annual) trip to Canmore Alberta, I discovered a copy of Subterranean at the used book sale for the public library there.

Actually I found a LOT more than Subterranean there, but that's another story....

So after struggling through Twisted Branch (book 54) I picked up Subterranean hoping to be swept away with Mr. Rollins literary finesse. Unfortunately, I was not that impressed....

Subterranean centers around a research team hired to explore caverns underneath the island of Antarctica. They venture into what they think is an unexplored set of caves, or what they think is an unexplored set of caves...little do they know the previous research team disappeared and has never been found.

Ok, so the best way I can describe this book is like a cross between Aliens and Indiana Jones. You have the action\adventure of Indiana Jones (alas, there's no chilled monkey brains), and sort of extraterrestrial creatures of Aliens.

There is one scene in the book where Ashley (one of the main characters) walks into a cavern and sees eggs all over the floor with a Mama monster in the background. I couldn't help but picture Ripley walking into the "egg room" in Aliens.

Don't get me wrong, the book was good, just not my thing.

I wanted to enjoy it, but really...didn't.

My next book was Lover Mine by J. R. Ward. I actually have already finished it (I should have done this blog entry a week ago), but with Christmas shopping, decorating etc. etc. I haven't found the time to sleep, nevermind blog.

I'm going to catch up I swear!

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  1. Ha. Sorry you didn't love Subterranean - but don't give up on him! And you KNOW I'm waiting for a review of Lover Mine.... xoxo (Missed your blog. And you, but you know that.)