Saturday, August 21, 2010

Book 40-Trapped by J.A. Konrath & Jack Kilborn

Wow...what can I say. This book is AMAZING! And no, I'm not being biased, even though Jack Kilborn is one of my favorite authors....I will say it again the book is AMAZING!

So after being told by Joe Konrath on my blog (which I am still totally tickled about) that his books are available on Kobo format, I rushed to and got all of the books available by him. I am not disapointed with my purchases.

Trapped starts with a husband and wife taking 6 of their wards on a camping trip. Martin and Sara, two psychologists, are the owners of a Center for kids that have had run ins with the law. 3 days of camping on an island in the middle of Lake Huron. What a time to bond, grow...and bleed.

They establish camp and Martin tells a scary campfire story about soldiers that were held in a confederate prison during the civil war on an island "such as this one". These prisoners were mistreated, malnourished and eventually went crazy and resorted to cannibalism to survive.

When Martin gets "pulled" into the woods by something, everyone thinks it's a joke, but Martin doesn't return.... Sara decides to set out after him, figuring her husband is just being a jerk. Little does she know the night is going to turn ugly, pretty damn fast.

The novel Trapped is like a roller coaster ride of horror. Joe/Jack brings to life the words when he is describing things such as the gridiron. Some of the scenes in this book actually made MY skin crawl...and believe me that is tough to do.

The only thing I was disappointed with, was that I had the big "DUN_DUN" (wow that was nicely figurative wasn't it???) moment figured out about halfway through the book. But I think that's more my fault, for being the horror junkie I am...I kind of expect things like that.

In the afterword of the book it states there is the original copy of Trapped the way Jack wanted it, is included. There's more gore, more know all the stuff that makes a good horror story. I'm not sure how much more gore you can put in this book, but hey, look who your talking to...I am all for it!

I tried to start reading the uncut version, but found myself skimming over parts, thinking I've read this I'm going to read something else and then get back to it. With a new "reading palate".

One last thing...I am not a camper...I don't like camping at all...but the thought has crossed my mind to go as of late. After reading this book all I have to say is: No freaking way! I will not be in the woods anywhere for the rest of my life...sure as hell not on an island. So camping EVER for me. You never know what may be in the woods around you...

Till next time!

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  1. Never fear, babe. I'll take you camping with the JEFF-INATOR. We'll just steer clear of islands.

    I'm slowly wanting a Kobo. Gasp!