Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Book 39-Shiver by Maggie Stievater

It's official! I am an ereader lover! I really didn't think I would enjoy reading on the Kobo, but being able to access a ton of books at the click of my mouse has turned me into a reading addict again! I love it!

So book 39 was Shiver a YA novel that really didn't interest me when I first started it, it seemed kind of empty, and as I said earlier it's like Twilight with fur....but hang on, the story gets so much better then yes, even Twilight.

Grace is a high school student, doing high school things. She is happy, independent, and struggles with the memory of when she was almost killed by a pack of wolves at the age of 11....but the thought of the one wolf in the pack that "saved" her, is stuck in her thoughts. She remembers the eyes, so yellow and beautiful. Then she meets Sam, an 18 year old boy whose yellow eyes seem very familiar...

As I said, Shiver didn't capture me right from the beginning. The book seemed kind of hollow, and unfeeling. You don't really get to "feel" how Grace deals with her feelings, both for and against the wolf pack in her area. She loves them, but yet fears them as well. But as the book progresses, Grace meets Sam, you learn more about Sam's own hardships and how it brings the two of them together it seems to open like a new bud into a beautiful rose (Ugh, where is this coming from?!?! To much love story BS for me!).

I loved the character of Sam, he reminded of a "Damon" with yellow eyes (Vampire Diaries watchers will know who I'm talking about) :) All the more reason to read the book!

Stick with this the end it will please your reading appetite. I so want to go and get Linger...the next book in the series! BUT!!! first is Trapped by J.A Konrath & Jack Kilborn. I need some blood and terror to get me back to more talking about flowers. GACK!

Thank you so much Joe for telling me about! You've made me happier then my husband ever has! LOL!!! Just kidding...but it's pretty close! ;)

Till next time!

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