Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book 25 The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

Book 25 was The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong. On man what a book it was! Now I may be a bit bias as I am a crazy Kelley Armstrong reader, but her "Darkest Powers" trilogy (of which The Reckoning is the final book) enticed and intrigued me right from the first chapter of "The Summoning".

The story is about Chloe, who at the age of 15 gets her first period, and begins to see ghosts. Does the classical movie quote: "I see dead people" ring through everyone's heads here?? Well that is basically what Chloe can do. When she realizes the people she's seeing are in fact dead, she has a sort of break down. Doctors feel she is schitzophrenic, and thus send to her to Lyle House: a centre for "troubled teens". Chloe notices strange things going on at Lyle House, things starting on fire, poltergiests floating around, items going missing as well as her housemates.

Ok so I can't say to much about "The Reckoning". Without ruining the story. All I know is I whipped through this one at lightning speed (as with the first two). The story is fast paced, and has the ability to "suck you in"

For those of you that have read Kelley's Women of the Otherworld series, you will be pleased that Kelley is actually pulling the Nast and Cortez Cabals into the story! To me that was pure genius!!! So I'm thinking Chloe may become another woman of the Otherword...and me...I will be right there gobbling up the pages!


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  2. Ok, so my first attempt at making a comment was deleted somehow. Sigh.

    What I wanted to say was: Great review - sounds awesome.

    I struggled with what to read after finishing Once Bitten, Twice Shy but ended up back on the Kelley Armstrong bandwagon. I'm on to Industrial Magic, because Jeff bought it for me and it makes him happy to see me read it. But THEN I will move on to this series. I know it will rock - I'm addicted to Kelley AND I trust your taste. xo

  3. This trilogy is AMAZING!! I love how it flows, you have the whole teen angst thing but it's smooth and kind of brings a smile to your face..not an "Oh god" again type of thing.

  4. Crap I can't type...I'm to tired. LOL!