Monday, April 19, 2010

Book 22-Altar of Eden

Altar of what can I say about it...besides the fact it is absolutely fantastic!!! Now as a true Zombiemom, I am one who flocks in a ravenous bloodthirsty manner to anything horror. Although..after some prodding from one of my BF's Dawn, I decided to pick it up.

And well now...I am addicted to James Rollins.

Altar of Eden is the story of Lorna Polk, a veterinarian who is led to a shipwrecked fishing boat housing some exotic animals, By exotic I mean a parrot (named Igor) with no feathers, who can recited pages and pages of the full numerical value of pi (for those of us that aren't math whizzes, pi is used in geometrical formulas and is an almost never ending value, but those of us in the real world use 3.14 as a value for pi). Along with Igor is a saber toothed tiger cub, and two capuchin monkeys that are joined at the hip...siamese monkeys?!?

Now the real trouble starts when the Mama saber toothed tiger escapes, with one cub and leaves the other behind. Lorna is forced to track down the Mama tiger and cub, but the "catch the tiger" game soon turns into a full blown dive into military and governmental testing to create the perfect weapon...bioweapons.

Whoa now, I know your thinking this is another politcal thriller bull crap story, but it is anything but. It is like Indiana Jones and National Geographic thrown together with some John Grisham and a little sprinkling of romance. This book reads like a textbook with all it's scientific wording, but not in a way to ruin the full effect of the book. The book was a great read, that kept me entertained and rooting for the good guys for a change.

I am not totally interested in reading more James Rollins. As long as his books don't drown me in political and/or militay BS I'm a happy camper. I HATE books that come across like a MLA's handbook.

Book 23 and 24 will be the first two books in the Vampire Diaries series. Ever since the TV show started I have been dieing to read these books! I so want to compare the actual story to the TV show...and plus I love Damon! LOL! Horns is still on the backburner...I will pick it up again..but it's just not peeking my interest...and the fact that is fell in my bathtub makes it kind of hard for me to pick it up makes me nauseous to look at it.

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  1. Glad you liked it :-) When you are ready, I have a couple of other James Rollins books to recommend! xo