Sunday, April 4, 2010

Book 20-Snow by Ronald Malfi

Book 20 I decided I would pick an author I had never read before, which is kind of a tall order, as i have read most authors in my genre of choice-of course that would be of the horror genre.

So when I got "Snow" in the mail (I subscribe to Dorchester Publishings Horror Book Club), I considered it, and shoved it to the back of my "To read" pile. Silly silly me!!

Todd Curry, a divorced dad, is trying to get to his son for the first visit in over a year. It's Christmas Eve, and he his flight has been canceled due to a snow storm. Desperate to get to his son, both from loneliness and guilt, he rents a car and with 3 other people trek out into the snowy wasteland that is Chicago, heading for Des Moines.

Todd, Kate, Fred and Nan trek out into the snow in the rented Ford Explorer. They are traveling down a desolate road (they think they are going in the correct direction) when they happen upon a man (Eddie Clement) who is looking for his missing daughter. They gather Eddie into the car and travel to the next town that is Woodson.

Here where things start to get good, the town seems to be deserted, but the travelers soon find out, it is anything but. The story turns into a true tale of survival against amazing odds, personal and paranormal. The story is a guy wrenching, bone munching, romp through a horror wonderland. (if you so choose, insert favorite X-mas tune here, me I prefer Winter Wonderland).

Ronald Malfi is an amazing author! I was pretty much unable to keep myself from thinking about the book. Definitely a book that keeps you wanting to read! I'm going to have to find his other books now...Shamrock Alley, Passenger and any others I can find!

Book 21 will be Horns by Joe Hill.


  1. Wow. That's an impressive review - and now I want to read it! Any chance that's a hardcover?! (Sigh...I really need to learn how to NOT crack a spine...)

    Keeping my eye out for this book. (And congrats on finishing another one so fast!) xo

  2. LOL!! No it's not a hardcover...sorry my dear.