Monday, December 14, 2009

2 of 100

All I have to say is today was Monday...Ugh...after having two days off on Thursday and Friday I went to work with a TON to do. Tried to work once I got home...but the program they said we needed to log onto work, didn't seem to connect for some reason. So I'll have to track down the IT guys at work tomorrow to figure out what is going on.

Anyway...I am on my second book of 100 for the year of 2010. This one is called "Infected" (as I mentioned in an earlier post). It is about a new parasite that is infecting the US, and making people do crazy things like killing their families and themselves....and not in a "slit your wrists" type of way..but in a "chop your legs off with a hatchet, and then set yourself on fire" kind of way. :)

It hasn't yet been determined what exactly it is that is making people is something like a parasite. It is not an organism (ie. tapeworm, ringworm etc.), instead it is a cellular mass, that is using the blood of the host for its food source, BUT it has no digestion system that they can tell. 5 people have died because of this "parasite"that they know of. Before they can really determine what the parasite is or how it works, they body rots away and dissolves into a black slimelike goop. Gotta love black goop!

I am only on like page 100, so I don't have an idea on where the book in going, but I will keep you posted!

I am interested in the book my good friend Kyle (I still have to read his book as well. Hey Dawn, will Kyles count as a book in the 100?) mentioned in his comment on my last blog page.."The Strain". It seems to be a vampire/apocalyptic type of story. Sounds very interesting...will definitely be investing in that one. Could that book be 3 of 100?


  1. Of COURSE my book counts as one of the 100! And so does Dawn's! :) There's two for you right there!!!

    I wish I could commit to 100 books, but I'm honestly not that fast of a reader... I'd have to make it 50 at the most... More likely 30 if I REALLY put my mind to it!

  2. Yes, Kyle's book counts, but Absolution doesn't because you are almost finished was started way BEFORE the challenge :-)