Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book #20-Eerie by Blake Crouch and Jordan Crouch

Ok I have to be honest with you all, I actually finished this book quite a while ago (about 2-3 weeks to be precise) but I was trying to find a way to blog about this novel without completely being negative.  So, here I am in the crypt library, sitting at my computer and I am going to tell it the way I feel, and hope I don't say anything that will offend anyone.

Now, first I have to say I LOVE Blake Crouch, his novels are entertaining, hold enough suspense to make you want to keep reading the book, and with a splattering of gore here and there...well, his writing is a great way to spend an afternoon, or evening just immersed in his words.  Alas, this book not so much.

I was completely thrilled when I received an email from Mr. Crouch asking me to review Eerie (no, I'm not a personal friend, I guess someone put my email into this mailing list and I occasionally get ebook copies of novels to review).   When I read the synopsis of the book I was even more thrilled, a ghost story?!?!?  Wow!  I love a good ghost story, and I couldn't wait for this novel to get on my iPad.

Well the day finally came, when Eerie came to my inbox.  Squealing with delight (yes, zombies squeal!) I put the novel on the iPad and sat down in my coffin to read.  I warned everyone on Facebook I was going to ignore them for a few days...and yes I did...a bit :)

Eerie is the story of Grant and Paige Moreton who, at a young age lost their father in a car accident.  They have both lived very different lives, Grant a detective and Paige bounces between different-not so legal-ways of making a living.

Grant is investigating a high class prostitute who may be a witness to a missing man, and ends up on Paige's doorstep. But Paige is hiding more then her way of life from they both have to fight what ever is behind the walls of Paige's brownstone to survive.

This book was a great read...until the end.  I was completely caught up in the story, wanting more with every sentence.  I wasn't chilled or scared by this novel (C'mon, it takes quite a bit for a zombie to get scared!  Unless you have a bee or wasp...then I'm done..) The book takes a lot of unexpected twists in the story that you don't expect.

The ending was where the novel takes a downward spiral.  It feels rushed, and sort of takes a complete 180.  The last 50 pages or so, were not what I expected and left me feeling a bit unrewarded???  I guess my version of a ghost story is scary, something that will make you want to check under your bed for monsters.  I could be alone on that one...

Anyway...I am done my rant.  The book is enjoyable and definitely worth the money, it is only in ebook so you can find it here on Barnes and Noble (if you have a Nook or Kobo):  It is coming to Amazon on June 14.

I feel kind of I am a total "Crouch Potato",  and I love his books, by saying anything negative about his (or his brothers writing) makes me feel icky.  But I write these blogs to tell you my honest opinion of the books I read, so I guess this zombie has to just suck it up.

Keeping with the ghost story theme...I am reading The Amityville Horror.  Bash me all you want, this is one of my favourite hauntings of all time, real or not.  This was actually the story that turned me into a paranormal lover.  It holds great memories of my childhood of me sitting in my bedroom trying to scare myself while reading this book.  Ahh...memories

Till next time my little minions!

PS.  Sorry for the long rant :)

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