Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book 36-Endurance by Jack Kilborn

Ok now I have to admit I was very upset when I found out Jack Kilborn was publishing his book "Endurance" onto ebook I don't have a Kindle, or was quite traumatic for me. So I was figuring I wouldn't read this book which Jack has said was "very scary" for quite some time...I was crushed.

So I was browsing around on Facebook the other day and saw an add "Kindle for the PC", my eyebrows went up, and I clicked the link. I was passed to where I could download the Kindle application for free! The download completed and I hunted for Endurance!

Now you have to understand, I am not an ebook lover. Nothing beats the feel of a book between your fingers, the act of flipping pages, and the satisfying smell of a new book (besides what would I do with electronic books??? I wouldn't have to worry about breaking the spine?!?!?) Well all that aside I purchased Endurance, and sat in front of my computer and read it all in a few days. And Damn what a book!!

The story in Endurance centers around a few groups of people who are all-at one point or another-wanting to compete in the Iron Woman triathlon. There is Deb, an avid marathon runner who recently had both her legs amputated due to an accident, Letti, Florence and Kelly, a mother, grandmother and daughter who also want to compete in Iron Woman. Mel who is a reporter, Felix and Cam who are looking for Maria (who went missing a year before). This group of people are forced to stay at the Rushmore Inn as all the hotels in the small town are booked solid.

The Rushmore Inn is a little backwoods bed and breakfast in the middle of no where...well at least that's what it SEEMS to be. ;)

Jack Kilborn is an amazing author. He has a knack of really putting the reader into the story. I fell in love with all the characters, the good guys, the bad guys, Ronald and JD. No, I'm not going to tell you who Ronald and JD are...go get the book! It is so worth it!

Although I was under the impression this book was extremely scary, I really didn't find it that scary, it kind of reminded me of a cross between "The Hills have Eyes" and "Wrong Turn" two so-so horror movies. Then again, maybe I'm numb to the scare factor in books/movies...My BF Dawn actually asked me when I was describing the book to her-"Would "normal" people find it gorey/scary?" Ummm....thanks there BF. LOL!!

The Rushmore Inn is waiting for you all, don't get to comfortable, you won't be staying long.


  1. LMAO. I bet *I* would find it scary. I'm glad you found this book because I know it was stressing you out. Now you'll be a Kindle reading machine!
    Great review. Love ya. xo

  2. Good review. In describing the book to others you just can't quite get all the right words out, so I came to the same movie connection you did, "the hills have eyes" meets "wrong turn", just with a bad ass old lady! Thanks for the review and keep up the good work!