Monday, June 7, 2010

Book 33 Naked in Death by J.D. Robb

Okay before you all start lynching me for not reading something horror, or even around horror...after all this is "my rants about the horror world I so love", let me explain.

My BF Dawn and I agreed to try and read 100 books in the year of 2010. Now I don't know if that will be accomplished, but damn it I'm still trying!! Anyway...the whole point of this 100 books was to branch out, and "step out of your comfort zone" when it comes to authors. So when Dawn handed me Naked in Death by J.D. Robb..I knew she is also known as Nora Roberts...I was kinda iffy. But I took to heart I enjoyed Morgans Cross immensely, so I went with it and took the book. Well lets just say I am a happy camper now!

Naked in Death is the first book of 30 or so in the Eve Dallas series. The book focuses on Eve and how she is trying to find the person who is killing "hired professionals" in other words prostitutes..but without the street corners and without pimps. Did I forget to mention this book also takes place about 50 some years in the future?? So with flying cars, autochefs and no guns anymore, here is Eve trying to discover who the killer (who by the way is killing them with an "antique handgun) of these women is, when she meets Roarke.

Roarke is immediately attracted to Eve, and Eve is completely trying to keep him away, but something about him keeps drawing her in (cough cough-c0uld it be the amazing blue eyes, the super body, Irish accent and the fact he's a multi-millionaire?!?! No...No...not at all).

The book is absolutely amazing!! It's like nothing I have ever read, it's kind of like a scifi/romance/mystery type of story...a scimancetery??? Hmm....I kinda like that... :)

J.D. Robb is wonderful with her descriptive language and really pulls the reader into the story. I love the fact that you can feel the sexual tension between Eve and Roarke seep off the pages. Eve, the hard as stone cop up against the smug, but patient and caring Roarke. They fight like cats and dogs, but also use each other to lean on in times that get rough. It's very warm and sweet. Ugh...I think I just had flecks of gag in my throat there...I think I'm getting old... book is Glory in Death. Yes I know..I'm an addict! I can't help it! Maybe I need to go to JD anonymous. Don't worry fans, followers and friends! Zombiemom hasn't changed, I'm still the bloodthirsty freak you know and love...I'm just stepping out of my box for a bit...Right Dawn?!?!

Till next time!

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  1. This is one of those moments where I get all teary-eyed. YAY for the JD Robb score! I'm so excited to be able to talk "In Death" with you. However, I'm a *little* sad I have to share Roarke with you...and a billion other women. LOL

    Yay! xoxo